Foundation Wagyu Breeders positioned to supply quality certified wagyu genetics and products

All wagyu genetics and beef products are not created equal. Quality can vary from breeder to breeder. Buyers need to be vigilant about sourcing only the best, certified wagyu genetic material and beef.

In order to create a group of exceptional wagyu breeders, Certified Wagyu Breeders came into being in 2017. From inception this group of recognised leaders in the wagyu industry established itself as a premium breeding organization, serious about supplying only the best certified wagyu genetics and products to the wagyu value chain.

The importance of commercial animals

When it comes to client relationships, the members of this group believe strongly in the principle of always putting the commercial customer first. While this customer-friendly philosophy could come as a surprise to many seed stock producers, it really shouldn’t. The entire purpose of seed stock production is to produce bulls for commercial breeders to assist them to raise better calves in order to maximize their revenue streams.

Certified Wagyu Breeders becomes Foundation Wagyu Breeders

In March 2019 Certified Wagyu Breeders changed its name to Foundation Wagyu Breeders (FWB).

According to Samuel Pauw, project manager of Foundation Wagyu Breeders the group decided to change its name to avoid any confusion between itself and the Certified Wagyu Beef subsidiary of the Wagyu Society of South Africa, which has established a Certified Wagyu Beef (CWB) programme.

CWB aims to ensure the integrity of the South African Wagyu beef supply chain and in this way assure end-customers of the product reliability and quality of certified wagyu beef. (Visit for more.)

Pauw says the group’s new name is a perfect fit, as the word foundation in global wagyu culture refers to those truly special foundation animals that have been independently confirmed to have been selected and exported directly from Japan or are direct descendants of these animals.

“Foundation animals are really important,” Pauw emphasises, “because the wagyu breed originates from Japan and very few animals were ever exported from there. Wagyu DNA and live animals were permanently banned for export from Japan from 1997. This means foundation animals are scarce.”

The members of Foundation Wagyu Breeders only use the best Australian and American wagyu genetics originally exported from Japan before the export ban was put in place.

Foundation Wagyu Breeders Auction 2019

Previously presented in September, this year the Foundation Wagyu Breeders auction of exceptional wagyu breeding cattle and genetics takes place on 11 July 2019 at the Kroon Boma auction house, 8km south of Kroonstad, Free State on the N1 towards Bloemfontein (

Auction buyers can look forward to purchasing high quality breeding animals and genetics that all conform to minimum standards, ensuring they know they are purchasing items sure to add high quality value to any wagyu breeding operation.


The members of Foundation Wagyu Breeders are: AL5 Wagyu (Samuel Pauw), Xariep Wagyu (Dieter and Louw de Bruin), Kobe Stud Breeding (Jacques le Roux), Winterberg Wagyu (Andrew Scott), Delta Wagyu South Africa (Johan du Plessis), Woodview Wagyu (Brian Angus) and Ebuhlanti (Frans Stapelberg).


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